How can Get Safe Kids Help you?


The internet is a scary and dangerous place for kids. Get Safe Kids was designed to help parents make it drastically safer. One in 16 children is exposed to hardcore porn, while 42.1% children have admitted to viewing online porn. One in 12 children has had sexual chats with people online; while one in 25 have exchanged explicit pictures of themselves with someone on the internet. One in 20 children will agree to meeting a complete stranger from the virtual world, and they have done so in secret. Over a quarter of all children online are able to sign up on different sites pretending to be adults. 

Parents can't be expected to prevent problems they can't even see. That is where Get Safe Kids comes in. Get Safe Kids swiftly wipes out all harmful and mature content from your child's online experience. It keeps predators and cyber bullies locked out and helps you control the amount of time your child can spend online.

You cannot hover over your children constantly. You will not be able to follow them around as they use their cell phones, laptops and computers. Get Safe Kids understands the need to keep a check on kids. Its tools and features have been specifically designed to do for parents what they can't do for themselves.


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